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Авиационная санитарно-техническая химия Dasic International

Компания Dasic International – производит сертифицированные к применению в авиационной промышленности специальные составы для чистки, обработки, полировки внешних и внутренних поверхностей воздушных судов, самолетных туалетных систем и смывок для удаления старых лакокрасочных покрытий.

Dasic Application & Immersion Paint Removers

High performance, water based paint remover. Completely free from both phenolic materials and chlorinated hydrocarbons. International Patent held (Boeing D6 –17487)

Industry standard, heavy duty phenolic paint remover for use on polyurethane and epoxy paint schemes. (AMS 1375B, Boeing D6-17487, Lockheed Martin EPS G32.233, MIL-R-81294C)

Acid activated, phenolic paint remover for stubborn aircraft paint systems that cannot be satisfactorily removed with conventional alkaline epoxy strippers. (MIL-R-81903 (AS) Type II, Gulfstream)

Heavy duty, ambient temperature immersion paint and carbon remover. Use as part of the DASIC Paintblast System for maximum effectiveness. (MIL-C-19853A, DEF STAN 80-20, Rolls Royce UK232 SECT.178G)

Specially processed and naturally occurring ligno-cellulose material designed for use with the DASIC Paintblast System. 

The DASIC Paintblast System

The DASIC Paintblast System provides the complete package for the removal of chemically resistant coatings from complex aircraft components with maximum ease and withoutcausing substrate damage. (British Aerospace, British Airways, Augusta Westland).

Dasic Exterior Cleaning & Polishing

Aerokleen® A510

Highly effective, water-based, biodegradable aircraft fuselage cleaner. Suitable for brush, foam or robotic application. (AMS1526C, Boeing D6-17487)

Aerokleen® A710
Heavy duty, water-based, biodegradable aircraft fuselage cleaner for both technical and cosmetic cleaning requirements. (AMS 1526C, Boeing D6-17487)

Aerokleen® CD1
High performance, water-based, biodegradable aircraft fuselage shampoo. Suitable for brush, foam or robotic application. (AMS 1526B, Boeing D6-17487, British Aerospace, TS 10281, Gulfstream)

Aerokleen® A380 Gel
High performance, heavy duty, biodegradable water-based aircraft exterior cleaner. Contains low toxicity, biodegradable synthetic solvent for increased performance. (AMS 1527C,
Boeing D6-17487)

Aerokleen® A320 Gel
Heavy duty, biodegradable, water-based aircraft exterior cleaner. Contains naturally occurring citrus type additives to boost cleaning performance. (AMS 1533A, Boeing D6-17487,
South African Airways, Royal Australian Air Force, Deutsche Lufthansa)

Aerokleen® AN2001P Polish
A superior liquid polish for use on large surface areas where an easily removable, non-blooming product is essential. (AMS 1650B, Boeing D6-17487)

Aerokleen® Aerosolv
Unique, heavy duty, water-dilutable, foaming micro emulsion cleaner offering ultimate performance on heavily contaminated undercarriage or smoke trail areas. (Boeing D6-17487, AMS 1527A, MIL-C-87936A Type II)

Aerokleen® DAR
Wipe on / wipe off aircraft exterior cleaner for the easy removal of heavy soiling and rubber marks from the aircraft fuselage. (Boeing D6-17487) 

Dasic Interior Cleaning & Toilet Maintenance

Aerokleen ACC (RTU) ® - New Formulation Aircraft Cabin Cleaner
Represents a breakthrough formulation that provides a safe and effective cleaning solution when applied to the new generation of lightweight polycarbonate panels used in today’s aircraft interiors. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127 Rev M; AMS 1550 B; Embraer SA EDT2013-190-124151

Aerokleen ACC (RTU) ® - New Formulation Aircraft Cabin Sanitiser
Recommended for use in the galley and other food contact surfaces. Aerokleen ACS is a safe non-silicate, neutral QAC based biocidal cleaner, effective against bacteria to BS EN 1276 and Fungi to BS EN 1650 Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127 Rev M; AMS 1550 B

Aerokleen® ACS (RTU) - Enzyme Based Multi-Purpose Cabin Cleaner
Aerokleen B Plus has been reformulated to include protein eating enzymes capable of breaking down and removing protein based spillages/soils experienced within the passenger cabin environment. Aerokleen B Plus effectively neutralises objectionable odours from both fabric and hard surfaces. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127; AMS 1550

Aerokleen® B Plus - New Formulation Wet Extraction Carpet Shampoo
Using conventional extraction carpet shampoo equipment the successful removal of heavy soiling, including high protein contamination (air sickness) with its associated odours may be achieved.
Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127; AMS 1550

Aerokleen® Carpetkleen - Mild Leather Cleaner Leather / E-Leather® and Naugahyde seating 

The mild cleaning and sanitising properties of Aerokleen ACS ensure the safe and effective removal of light soiling and mould resulting from food spillages etc. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127 Rev M; AMS 1550 B

Aerokleen® ACS (RTU) - Chewing Gum Remover
Biodegradable solvent, for effective removal of chewing gum from all aircraft surfaces. Test Refs: Boeing D6-174871 AMS 1452B

Aerokleen® A820 - Leather / Naugahyde Cleaner
Pre-cleaner for heavily soiled Leather /Naugahyde furnishings.

Aerokleen® Leatherkleen - Leather Cleaner Conditioner (Wipes)
Mild, silicone oil free leather / E-Leather® and Naugahyde cleaner conditioner and UV  protectant multi-use 35gram wipes. Also available in 500ml trigger sprays. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127 Rev P incorporating PDD 6-8 (21 June 12) Category; Leather and Naugahyde Cleaners

Aerokleen® B Plus - Enzyme Based Deep Cleaner for Toilet Areas
Enzyme based cleaning product extremely effective for removal of odour producing soils found behind shrouds and difficult to access areas within the toilet environment. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127: AMS 1550

Aerokleen® TSD - Toilet System Deodoriser
High performance re-odourising formulation based on a proven food grade QAC biocide. Conveniently packed in 500ml snap top bottles for the fast re-freshing of toilet bowls etc. when time is limited. Test Refs: Boeing D6-17487: AMS 1452B

Aerokleen® Prime Charge - Toilet Bowser Charge (Lavatory Truck)
Powerful concentrate that both neutralises offensive odours and minimises the build-up of solids within toilet waste holding tanks. The deep blue colour of Aerokleen Prime Charge concentrate provides a visual indication of product strength present in the bowser fill. Test Refs: Boeing D6-17487: AMS 1476

Aerokleen® Tankleen - Toilet System Deep Soak Cleaner
For use in both vacuum and recirculating toilets, either in place or when the system is stripped for overhaul. Test Refs: Boeing D6-7127 Rev M

Aerokleen® Code C142 - Acetic Acid Vacuum Toilet Waste System Cleaner 

For scheduled maintenance of vacuum toilet systems as per Boeing specification AN-A-465, Reference B00636.

Dasic EQ Range of Cleaning Accessories & Equipment

EQ 320 FLOTEX 10cm x 10cm Scrubbing Pads; EQ 323 Melamine Stain Removal Pads; EQ 324 Melamine Velcro Backed (10cm x 1 metre roll); EQ 325 Colour Coded* Microfibre Cloths  (White/Blue/Red/Green)*; TSH 500 Colour Coded* Trigger Spray Heads (White/Blue/Red/Green)*


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